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Are You an Equipment Vendor? – Don’t Lose Sales Opportunities!

There are many options for equipment dealers today, including signing up directly with one specific lender. Is this the best option?


We think not, and caution you as what happens if your client doesn’t fit their specific credit requirements? Lenders change these requirements regularly; the result can be a lost sale, since you and your end-customer have all your eggs in one basket.

We can handle all your customers’ financing needs using our vast network of lending partners and market experience.

Each requirement is evaluated individually and we know where to go for the most competitive arrangements based on the customer’s specific needs. This personalized approach is what continues to build our reputation and long term repeat customers for the vendors we work with.

We Fund Your Deals, Not Your Customers

It’s our goal to make the deal happen. We look to fund the deal, not the individual.

It’s not in your best interest to get someone approved, only to have them use the funding elsewhere.

Our Process is Simple

You create an introduction

We get you the best rate and terms

Deal is completed quickly

You sell
them the equipment!

A happy customer that returns

Let us help your business ramp up your sales by providing quick and easy financing solutions for your customers!

We also help promote our partners on social media and within our networks.

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